Meet Kennon

Kennon Shain, has had extensive video experience. He graduated from Emerson College with a B.A. in 2002, with a Major in Visual and Media Arts. His concentration was in film and video, and he took extensive classes for them (including using broadcast professional cameras and Non-Linear Editing Stations).

After graduating, he’s pursued many different venues. He’s made music videos (including a performance that was being sponsored by the radio station WHJY, at Lupos in Rhode Island), charity benefits (RAADD-Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving), films (“The Rising Hotel”-a nine minute 16mm film), and commercials (re-edited a “Bud Light” spot).

Currently, he’s producing, filming, and editing several music videos for local artists. He is also a co-owner in the CMH Project, a film initiative who’s goal is to bring moviemaking to the south shore.